Temperature Sensor, Empoylee Check-in
& Visitor system management


Thermal sensor

Our kiosks utilize an Automated AI Temperature Screening System (AATSS). This revolutionary technology is a fast, easy, and inconspicuous way to keep your facilities safe. Best of all, your customers, clients, and employees will know that you care about their wellbeing.

Employee Check-in and Check-out

Employee don’t have to punch card or to make entry in register anywhere. Employee can be automatically checked-In with Temperature sensor with face recognition as long as Employee data is already inserted with the default picture. The picture can be identified even if employee is wearing mask. Employee can scan the card on the Temperature scanner and while leaving the office another scan will be making his check-in and Check-out time from the office or the work place.

Visitors Log System

No need to fill register and Visitors can be registered themselves automatically with Temperature scanner and filling basic information will make them print the label for themselves and Check-In so that email will be send to the person on the floor about the Visitor waiting so that the person can come down to reception to escort him for the further business inside office.

The whole process is automatic and need nothing to touch making it perfectly safe and making it ONLY SYSTEM IN MARKET TO HAVE ALL 3-IN-1